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Estimates Have Many Variables

By October 19, 2016October 25th, 2023Painting2 min read

Do you know why reputable painting/remodeling contractors won’t give you an estimates over the phone? It is because there are many variables when it comes to painting. Every space, like every person, is unique. Will the wall you’re planning to paint need one, two or three coats? Are there imperfections such as nail pops, water stains or dents that will need to be repaired prior to painting? What other details should be taken into account (such as quantity and size of rooms, type of windows and doors, number and intensity of paint colors, amount of protection needed for plants and furniture, and the extent of needed paint surface preparation)?

Remodeling is even more job-specific and has many variables.  A reliable contractor must meet with you to determine the full scope of your project, the materials, and specifications to make your dream a reality.

All these questions and aspects of your projects help add accuracy to your estimate. As a contractor, we don’t want to give you a price that’s completely inaccurate and overpriced. You, as the consumer, probably wouldn’t appreciate that too much. Likewise, we don’t want to take a loss because of something that should have been noted on a typical estimate.

At Castle Painting and Home Services, we want you to be 100% happy with your project from beginning to end. That’s why estimates are always FREE. I will walk around your home with you and discuss every aspect of the job and what you envision the final outcome to be. You will be completely confident before I leave. Give us a call today – 214-725-3464.